How To Engage Your Following On Instagram?

Instagram’s popularity and user base have skyrocketed over the past several years, and the app is now a serious rival to Facebook and YouTube. There are more over 1 billion people using the platform as of 2021, with over 500 million of them actively using it each month.

Due to the rapid expansion of the platform, it is increasingly challenging for brands to attract a sizable following. Despite this, they continue to make use of the site.

More than 25 million businesses already use Instagram, and the vast majority of them want to allocate at least 60% of their social media marketing budget towards advertising on the platform.
Despite the platform’s seeming maturity and lack of expansion, there are still ways to use it for all it’s worth. So, in this piece, we’ll discuss some Instagram growth tips that will help you become an industry leader.

How to adapt to Instagram’s ever-evolving algorithm?

Experts on social media platforms frequently lament the “limited reach” of their posts, but no one has figured out how to guarantee their visibility.

Based on a user’s interests (what they want to view), relationships (how frequently they engage through comments or DM), and timeliness (most current content), Instagram’s algorithm determines what content to offer the user.

This means that your material will have a better chance of being discovered if users are more likely to be interested in it, if they interact with it more frequently, and if you post it during peak user activity hours.

Regardless of Instagram’s algorithm, you can still benefit from the following best practises.

Tailor your profile to the people you want to connect with it: Make your bio easy to understand and focus your content strategy on the topics that your target audience cares about.
The key to success on any social media site is consistent, high-quality content production. However, it takes more than regular posting to succeed on Instagram; you also need high-quality content that caters to your followers’ interests.
Utilise Instagram’s analytical tools: If you want to increase your reach and your number of followers, you should post when your audience is most engaged, monitor the performance of your posts, and focus more on those that are successful.

5 Instagram hacks for attracting a more active following

In reality, growth hacks are just smart strategies for increasing your chances of success and expanding your presence on the platform. Now that we’ve covered some broad recommendations for outsmarting the system, let’s take a look at some tried-and-true growth hacks you can incorporate into your Instagram approach.

Employ Instagram’s Story features

Using Instagram Stories to communicate with your audience is simple and efficient. Data suggests that over 500 million users are checking out Instagram Stories every day.

And there are many ways to keep people interested. You may learn more about your audience, their wants, and how you can better serve them by using the question sticker to conduct surveys and ask engaging questions.

To combine marketing and participation, you can also use tales to make announcements and introduce new items.

Make use of the raging Reels storm

Seventy percent of businesses plan to invest in Instagram video content, so it’s no surprise that reels are trending right now.

However, making reels just to follow the current fashion is not a good idea. While this strategy may increase the total number of followers on your account, it will not necessarily attract high-quality users. A plan for making reels is, thus, essential.

Here, you can reach your specific demographic by developing a novel idea or producing informative information in the form of reels.

Create a plan for using hashtags

Reach, interaction, and discovery of new audiences are all facilitated by hashtags, which propel your content to the Explore page. However, few people make good use of them.

You should know the different kinds of hashtags and how to utilise them effectively before you start using them.
The best way to ensure your material is successful is to determine your intended audience.

Following hashtags that are pertinent to your topic is another useful tactic for making the most of hashtags.

Imagine you run a business selling homemade soap. To discover what others have posted using this hashtag, search for “#HandMadeSoap” or follow the account @HandMadeSoap. Participate in these blogs gradually with insightful comments, and more people will soon find you.

Join forces with niche micro-influencers

As an industry worth $13.8 billion, influencer marketing is a fantastic tool for attracting new customers and increasing brand exposure for whatever goals you have set for your business. However, collaborating with major influencers may be costly for startups, which is why micro-influencers are becoming increasingly important.

They have a large and dedicated following in a specific specialty, usually between 1,000 and 10,000 people. By working with these opinion leaders, brands may reach their ideal customers. An overwhelming majority of consumers (82%) think they are more inclined to make a purchase after hearing it was recommended by a micro-influencer.

Finding the perfect influencer, however, is no easy task. You need to check their pricing, content quality, and engagement rates, among other things, to make sure they are a good fit for your brand.

Embedding UGC (content created by users)

User-generated content (UGC) is anything your audience produces about your brand or its products without being paid to do so. Reposting customer evaluations in narratives is a brilliant use of user-generated content.

Using a branded hashtag is a terrific approach to encourage user-generated content production and build a database of that content.