How To Optimize Your Instagram Scheduling Strategy: An Engaging Guide

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Do you want to grow your business on social media platforms? Instagram will be your best choice that boosts your audience engagement with the best scheduling strategy. When your Instagram account contains the right strategy to post content, it becomes easy for you to gain potential followers and increase conversions. The scheduling strategy on Instagram provides a way to measure your success rate with consistent posting.

There are different steps to run out a successful scheduling strategy on Instagram to enhance your business growth. Are you now ready to learn the strategy to post Instagram content? Let’s get started!

How Often You Post Content?

The biggest challenge for brands in scheduling Instagram content is to maintain quality and quantity. Never over-create content without quality which could risk your account losing trust among your followers. Follow the posting frequency on Instagram by conserving the following tips: 

# Find Your Team’s Capacity

First, realize the capability of your team on how much high-quality content they can produce. Though you have tons of content ideas, posting engaging content with limited quantity benefits you to engage with audiences in time. Moreover, if you do not have the resources to create content, you can nail your scheduling strategy according to your benefit.

# Plan For Each Instagram Feature Separately

Instagram contains an attractive feature to post your content rather than on the feed. So, consider the Instagram stories, IGTV channels, and Instagram feed while coming up with ideas. Consider the above three channels separately and create content focusing on the benefits and time limit of each feature.

# Consider The Content Types

When preparing the content ideas, choose the type of content you post on different features of Instagram, which may be photos, videos, GIFs, or collages. Moreover, people prefer to watch videos that drive huge engagement and help to enhance their growth faster than images. So as a brand, provide engaging content in the form of long videos to increase likes count on IGTV with higher engagement rate. Maintaining your community with greater interaction among your followers helps to plan an excellent scheduling strategy to post your content at the right time.

Identify The Best Time To Post

When you find the right time to post your content on Instagram, then it becomes best to optimize your scheduling strategy to increase your engagement rate. It is because the Instagram algorithm prioritizes only the new content on their feed. A recent study among 12 million posts reveals that the best time to post on Instagram will be 9 am and 11 am. But the posting time differs according to the presence of your target audiences. Here are the two main ways to find your best time:

  • Experiment by publishing content at different times and identify the time at which your audience’s response increases.
  • Monitor your follower’s presence by peeing into the insights section on your Instagram account. To access this feature, convert your account into a business profile.

Schedule Content For A Week

Managing your Instagram profile becomes easy when you schedule posting content for a week with a proper plan to attract audiences. When you schedule your posts, you will get enough time to plan, prepare, and execute great content in favor of your audiences. Keep the following tips in mind while scheduling Instagram content for a week!

  • Use your desktop to upload your Instagram posts for scheduling for a week to save time.
  • Include relevant and attractive captions to gain audience attention for each post.
  • Provide eye-catching content consistently to increase the engagement rate gradually.
  • Optimize your post by providing relevant hashtags

Analyze The Engagement Metrics Before Scheduling

The Instagram scheduling strategy may differ from time to time because of the continuous evolution of new followers. So, monitor the audience’s activity and track your profile performance to find when your content gains more engagement. The particular metric will help move your brand on the right path by adjusting the scheduling strategy. A strong content plan with perfect time frames to post enhances the growth in the marketing strategy of your brand.

Final Thoughts

Instagram provides enormous ways to engage audiences. But posting consistent and high-quality content at the scheduled time boosts your reach among target audiences. By following the above four steps, fram the right scheduling strategy on Instagram to enhance your brand growth.