First Comment Section: Social Media Strategic plan

Do you ever notice that once an influencer posts anything on Facebook or YouTube, they immediately pin their comments? Not as simple as posting the initial thought on a social networking site.

In case you have even a passing curiosity about participation in social media, prepare to have it completely shattered. You would get insight into not just the nature of the initial comment, but also how to make use of it in your social media advertising campaigns.

Top influencers and social media gurus use the initial comment area of the social media site efficiently. Perhaps you’ve seen it on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn. In the initial comment area, some people pose queries in order to gain attention, while others begin conversations.
As a social media newbie, you can be confused. Well, in order to provide some light on the initial comment section, here goes:

When do we see the First Comment Area?

When referring to a social media post’s comments, “initial comment section” refers to the location of the post’s very first remark. The point of the initial remark is to add a story to the discussion. Giving the target audience a cause to interact with the company or person in question.

Experts and influencers on social media know how to keep their audiences interested, therefore they often make the initial remark on a post in an effort to spark new dialogue or inject some much-needed energy into the ongoing debates.

On some of the most-viewed channels on YouTube, users can see pinned comments. After uploading a video, some artists may leave a brief comment that gets pinned. They do this because they want their opinion to be seen by the audience before any others.

It makes no difference whether the initial remark is added while publishing or scheduling the item, or if it is pinned immediately after the social media post is made. It’s important that the initial comment area is being used by authorities and opinion leaders.

I’m hoping you can follow along now.

So why is the very first comment section on a social media post so crucial?

In this article, we will briefly examine the three reasons why the first remark below your social media postings is so important to your social media marketing efforts:

Breaks the ice effectively

A stimulating exchange of ideas may serve as a launchpad for groundbreaking innovations, and the first remark can serve as an icebreaker. There will be instances when your audience is at a loss for words in reaction to your material. In this way, the introduction of the first comment breaks the ice by providing a platform for the audience to react upon.

Participation in social media platforms is boosted

If you want greater activity on your social media platforms, you need to encourage your audience to engage with you there. Initiating a discussion with the first remark you post. As a result, participation levels rise. If you make a very interesting initial remark beneath your social media post, you’ll attract more attention and receive more comments.

Using the First Comment Section of Social Media

Let’s go further into the initial comment’s process so that you know where and how to make such comments on various social media platforms.

If you want to make a good first impression on social media, follow these simple steps:

Figure Out Which Networks Are Best for First Feedback

Forget about the meaning of your initial statement for the time being; you’ll figure it out eventually. Knowing which platforms enable first comment posting using third-party software is more crucial.

You won’t go ahead in the content-posting process if you don’t know where to publish the initial remark. You should immediately begin thinking about where you may make your first comment.

In contrast to Facebook, where users can leave comments on posts, Twitter users can only make new tweets or respond to existing ones.

The initial comments can be posted on the following social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Decide Which Kind of First Remark to Make

I imagine most of you are debating what to write in the initial remark. Thus, here I’ll talk about the (comment) options available to you below your social media post.
Here are a few examples of opening remarks to try:


A generic response will not do the trick here. Instead, focus on drawing people’s attention to your comment. A simple query might be the key to attracting new fans. Perhaps this is due to the fact that most social media users just answer to such queries with whatever they happen to be thinking at the time. It seems to reason that the amount of responses would rise if the questions were posted on social media.

In-Depth Analysis

First-comment types on social media might provide further details. The space limitations of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube make it challenging to include lengthy passages of text or several links in a single post or description. For this purpose, the first comment area is available. The goal is not only to disseminate the data; rather, we must do it in a visible location.

Connecting Resources

But, links are essential to your social media marketing success and are rarely included in industry discussions about social media marketing. The use of excessive connections is, however, not encouraged. A better course of action is to plot out a plan that won’t look like a spamming effort.

Including relevant and valuable links within your initial remark is a good strategy, but it must be carried out flawlessly.


After discussing a topic in an article or video, it may be necessary to provide viewers with further information or a status update. In the first comment box, you can ask a follow-up question or offer further context on anything you said in the article. The initial comments are typically used to offer more information or ask interesting questions to increase participation.