People watch every day almost 5B YouTube videos. The only nongood news is if you are doing a small business and hardly try to get more engagement and likes for your YouTube videos, with great competition. But the good news is 2 billion active users are having by the YouTube, and the videos which are appetite are only growing.   If you people are interested in promoting your business via YouTube, just follow these steps to make sure your video content is getting the maximum number of likes and the maximum amount of engagement from the viewers.   

  • The first thing you should consider is the video title because the title only determines whether people decide to watch it. So make a competing title that makes the viewers watch it. But make sure that your title of your includes the main title keyword and describes the video content accurately.  Consider using the bracket description and using the numbers, both of the increase as mentioned above, the people to click through it. For the title, YouTube will allow you up to 70 characters, but some of the studies show the most of the more engagement pages are with 30 characters in shorter titles. 
  •  Usually, the thumbnails are the first things that the viewers are used to seeing about the video.  So select the thumbnail image carefully because it is going to attract the viewer’s interest. If you are looking for more YouTube engagement then get  YouTube likes, and take your own time to make custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos rather than using freeze frames auto-generated from the according to video to YouTube. About 90% of most viewed YouTube videos are using their custom thumbnail.  
  • For writing, a good description of video YouTube will give you 5000 whopping characters. But in the search results, only the first line will be visible. Start the description with strong sentences in 2 to 3 lines in the introduction of the description with your target keywords. Provide more details in the middle of your description of your video content. Provide the links to the users at the end of the description to getting more information by clicking the link, such as social channels and your websites.
  •  As a  social media platform channels, hashtags will help you make your video visibility more searchable. You can add the hashtags wherever you want, for example, in your video’s title or description of your video. If your video has no hashtags on your video’s title, it will take the first three hashtags present on your description.  Up to 15 relevant hashtags, you can add to the description of your videos.   
  • Use closed captioning for making the viewers easily understand what is playing on in your video.  You can also write a version of the kinds of music or audios. The automatic captioning feature of YouTube will allow the users to generate the video captions automatically.