The Complete Guide To Instagram Reels

Like them or not, there’s no denying that Instagram’s Reels are now dominating the platform.

Although entertaining to watch, the thought of having to regularly produce Reels for your company? It’s understandable if “overwhelming” is the first word that sprang to mind.

In either case, I’ve gotcha covered.

If you have a solid structure in place for creating Reels, I feel they may be the quickest, most enjoyable, and dependable method for expanding your business.

Instagram has over a billion users that spend an average of 53 minutes each day on the platform, and the app’s algorithm is actively searching for you to gain views and customers.

Yes, the algorithm’s primary function is to serve relevant videos to users based on their stated preferences. This implies the algorithm is predisposed to offer your material to the people who might benefit most from it.

That’s great news for your company!

Since the release of Reels in 2020, I have helped thousands of students (many of whom were just starting out) make short-form films for their companies, and I have made multiple six figures doing so.

While juggling a full-time corporate job and motherhood, our student Hilary Hughes successfully booked out an entire event in just 7 days, bringing in around $1,400 for her business.
In reality, it may take as little as a single Reel to win over your next customer.

You’ll find all you need to know to create a successful Reel for your business on Instagram inside our Ultimate Guide.

Along the way, I’ll provide you with both detailed instructions for making and refining your Reel, as well as time-saving pro tips. Bring your cell phone if you like.

A Reel of Instagram Posts

Instagram now has a tool called “Instagram Reels” that lets you shoot, edit, and publish films that are up to 90 seconds long.

Promoting your company, informing your target market, and coming up with clever advertising ideas are all facilitated by reels.

You may find reels on your main Instagram feed as well as their own tab.

Within the Instagram app, you have the ability to record and edit a Reel, complete with the ability to add music, voiceovers, text, and more. After hitting “Publish,” your Reel will appear in your profile’s Reels section and can be shared to your main Instagram feed if you so desire.

How To Make Money With Instagram Reels?

The first step in opening a business bank account is to select an appropriate kind of account.

What’s the Difference Between a Creator Account and a Business Account?
You can pick between a company account and a Creator account depending on your company needs.

There are a number of special tools available to you through an Instagram Business account that may aid in the development of your company.

In-depth information on your target audience (and when you should post, specifically)
More links that encourage readers to learn more about you or visit your website.
The ability to schedule posts in advance and publish them automatically by integrating with services like Later
The option to select a business category and create a bio for yourself and your company (I show you precisely what to include in your bio to attract more customers ).
Use Shoppable Posts to generate income from your Instagram account.
Reach the people you want to talk to by creating a targeted audience.
Not in business yet, or this doesn’t seem to be what you’re looking for?

Create an Instagram Creator profile if you want to establish a strong online identity for yourself.

How Do I Move My Account To The Business level?

Navigate to the Instagram app’s settings. Simply navigate to the “Account” tab and scroll down until you reach “Switch account type.” Pick the solution that suits you best!

If you’re ready to start creating Reels for your business but aren’t sure what kinds of films will have the most impact on your leads and sales, read on!

You have complete freedom of expression here, but here are several tried-and-true video genres you can use to immediately begin generating discussion about your business:

You can call this type of reel a “talking head” reel since it has only you speaking directly into the camera. Here’s a case in point.
Provide a first-person film depicting the brand’s ideal lifestyle or a customer’s experience, as shown below.
Do a video unpacking or review like this one!
Share an insider’s perspective on how your company operates.
A Reel centred on a popular audio clip; all you have to do is take an already popular audio clip and turn it into something new. Here’s a case in point.
More, please! Here I am, just starting off. Download my Reels Content Calendar here to get monthly inspiration for your content.

Sources for modern movies

Making videos set to popular music is one strategy for increasing exposure. And these popular podcasts are a breeze to track down inside the app.

To access Reels within Instagram, select the tab at the app’s bottom. If a Reel has a little arrow next to the name of the audio file, it can be played by clicking on the arrow.

How Big Is an Instagram Highlight Reel?

Keeping the recommended size in mind will ensure that your Reel looks (and performs) its best.

Incorrect scaling can cause strange cropping of text or images, or even pixelization.

The Instagram Reel cover is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high (16:9 aspect ratio), the same as an Instagram story.