Methods For Gaining More Instagram Fans?

Instagram is a fast and simple platform for publishing your work to a wide audience simultaneously. More than a billion individuals around the world utilise it. Here, pictures speak louder than words to get people’s attention on this social media site. Yet, like other social media platforms, Instagram appears to be pointless if you don’t have any followers.
Acquiring a fan base could even feel good to some people. However, maintaining an engaged audience is a serious challenge. These fans of yours must interact with your posts in order to remain interested. In the long run, your followers can be used as a barometer for the success of your brand or page.

Keep a steady schedule and don’t be scared to experiment with different types of content. Maintaining a steady approach will ultimately pay you with high-quality material.

However, we will go through various methods that can help you increase traffic and convert profile visitors into followers.

So, what exactly can you do on Instagram?

Having a large number of followers is important, but you should know that Instagram has many other uses besides socialising first.

Using Instagram to spread a visual representation of your brand is crucial. Some say that a picture is worth 1000 words. Then why the drawn-out explanation? This adage is put into practise on Instagram, and its growing popularity is proof that it is working.

Making a name for yourself in the marketplace is difficult and can take a long time. Instagram, on the other hand, allows you to communicate with those whose interests lie more in the visual than the written word.

But how effective has Instagram been in the business world?

Perhaps you’ve wondered if, despite its seemingly personal nature, social media might actually aid you with marketing. This is something you should check out because it just might blow your head.

  • Did you realise that every single month, more than 1 billion individuals all over the world use Instagram? These are people who might start following you.
  • Did you realise there are 500,000,000 people checking out stories on Instagram daily? Each and every one of these persons represents a possible new consumer or devoted fan.
  • Did you realise that 63% of those 1 billion users sign in each and every day? People who aren’t regular users but who are interested in your brand can be reached thanks to this 63%. When these folks join your cause, they’ll be able to persuade others to join as well.
  • Were you aware that a single Instagram ad has the potential to reach 849.3 million users?
  • Did you know that 72 percent of Instagram users are influenced to make a purchase after viewing a post? What could be better than a 72% likelihood of obtaining clients if you are trying to create a brand?

Because of the sheer number of Instagram users, your company might expand much more rapidly than it would have under more conventional methods of advertising.

But now the actual question is, how to obtain followers on Instagram?

How do you plan to attract the attention of these potential clients who make up a larger proportion of your followers?

Non-organic fan bases are out of the question.

You should know that you gain organic followers before you understand the tactics and tips to get them.

Many individuals have the opinion that paying for fan attention is acceptable. These “followers” are usually bots or inactive accounts that are only there for aesthetic purposes.

The worst thing you can do to your account is gain these followers. Let’s say a page with mediocre content or inconsistent posting has hundreds of thousands of followers. Considering how likely it is that they are all bots, your chances of gaining real human followers and engaging with them are slim to none.

Following are some of the main reasons why ‘paid’ or inorganic followers shouldn’t bother with your page:

1. Account takeover by paid followers is possible.

Most of these accounts are fake or bots that enable hackers access your page.

2. Random Instagram sweeps can get you in trouble.

It was in 2014 that Instagram first made this sweeping change. Can you confirm that it happened in 2018 once again? They were able to wipe out a large number of dormant accounts and automated accounts in one fell swoop. Result? Several brands saw a decline in support of over 50%. At the time, these firms’ credibility was in question. Can we trust this company’s products? Why did the brand feel the need to promote itself via a foundation of phoney followers?

3. A legal problem is possible!

A contract with a business might get quite complicated if you have false followers that were purchased for money.

Despite the fact that many well-known companies benefit from false fan bases, it’s a bad idea. As a result of Instagram’s sweep in 2018, many companies found themselves in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Dove was one of the most widely-recognized brands to get criticism. About a fifth of the fans weren’t real. In a twist of irony, Unilever’s chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, had already said the company wouldn’t collaborate with an influencer who used false followers.
As a result, purchasing fake popularity is a major mistake that can severely harm a company’s reputation. CNBC estimates that in 2019, brands will lose up to $1.3 billion due to sponsored followers to improve your brand’s reputation, we’ll explain you how to attract new, natural fans.