How To Start An Instagram Blog: The Ultimate Resource [2020 Update]

Start an Instagram Blog.

Can you tell me how to start a blog on Instagram? Many individuals, it seems, have asked the same question and been looking for an answer online. If you want to start a blog on Instagram, this is it.

Bloggers require a large readership, thus it’s important for each one to have a presence on as many social media sites as possible. No one doubts Instagram’s popularity given that it has more than a billion active users per month.

Nearly everyone you talk to will claim to have an Instagram account. Users have a variety of goals when they log in, including browsing for products and researching holiday destinations. If you’ve been writing for a while but don’t have an Instagram account, you should create one immediately.

The following is a list of suggestions for improving your Instagram account.

Select a good user name

Creating an Instagram account is the first step in your Instagram adventure. If you’ve already built up a following under a certain moniker for your blog, it’s best to continue with that moniker across all of your social media profiles. You need to come up with a name for your blog that is both memorable and professional if you aren’t already a blogger. Having a stunning profile image, a compelling Instagram bio, and a blog link are also essential.

Choose your market segment carefully.

Many individuals are interested in travel, and most people enjoy taking pictures of food. It’s crucial that you carve out a specific area of expertise and stay focused there. You don’t have to use the same format for every Instagram post, but make sure your audience knows what you stand for.

Tell a tale, if at all possible.

Indeed, original and creative photographs are required, but if you want your Instagram account to stand out, it is crucial that you tell tales through the account. Use the caption space to provide context for your image. Pictures say a thousand words, but sometimes your own thoughts and tales add polish and style to your Instagram feed.

Be careful to include appropriate hashtags in your posts. reports that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. High engagement rates can be attributed to posts with a large number of hashtags (at least 11). The hashtags you use should accurately describe the content of your postings.

Put your travels and findings on the map. Bloggers, if you are interested in
Bloggers who are on the road may geotag not just their destinations, but also their finds. If you geotag a location, your content will show up when others search for information related to that location. If you want more likes on your social media postings, you may go visit

Keep up with your followers and interact with them.

Gaining popularity may be as simple as following others and responding to their tweets. In order to increase the likelihood of being included on the articles or accounts of significant accounts, it is recommended that you maintain consistent connections with those accounts.


If you want to be a successful Instagram blogger, you need to arm yourself with the right information. If you want to succeed, make sure you’re using the advice given above.