Finding The Top Instagram Hashtags To Skyrocket Your Followers

The significance of hashtags in my Instagram approach is best explained as follows.

There is still no better method to get your content seen and interact with on Instagram than with the use of hashtags.

Requesting that your audience use branded hashtags that you’ve created can increase interaction with your content. Asking your followers to tag their posts with a certain hashtag (and tag your account, of course) may enhance interaction with your brand, whether you’re hosting a contest or collecting user-generated material. When your followers share your content with their networks, you gain exposure and new followers.

Learn where to look for the most effective hashtags on Instagram.

If you aren’t cautious, researching the top Instagram hashtags might become an endless rabbit hole. Using a reliable hashtag generator is a great approach to streamline your work and avoid distractions.

Findable and usable hashtag categories

Companies and individuals utilise a wide variety of hashtags for their posts. The most effective hashtag campaigns employ a range of hashtag sizes and styles.

Hashtags that are currently popular

Trending hashtags are, of course, the most widely used hashtags at any given time. Instagram is not as user-friendly as Facebook when it comes to discovering popular hashtags.

Promotional Hashtags

This is something that entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher has accomplished with her podcast. She promotes the show and everything else relevant to developing businesses with the hashtag #goaldiggerpodcast, which she also established. Because of this, she has been able to expand both her fan base and the reach of her programme.

Hashtags for a certain subset of users

Niche-specific hashtags tend to be highly specific and may not reach as many people as more generalised hashtags. The key distinction is that hashtags tailored to a certain subset of users are more likely to expose your message to folks who are truly interested in it.

Hashtags associated with a certain event

Hashtags are a fantastic way to join in on the discussion around major events. Using these hashtags in your plan will help you reach the right people on Instagram, whether you’re really attending the event or not.

Hashtags in your area

Make sure you’re attracting users in your area by using regional hashtags. If you run a service business or sell to a local audience, this is extremely important.

Yet, if you aren’t limited by geography, you shouldn’t ignore regional hash tags. People often look for regional hashtags to promote nearby companies or to learn more about a destination before visiting.

Competitors’ usage of hash tags

It may be wise to adopt the hashtags that your rivals are already using. You may at least make use of the same hashtags they do, be they broad or particular to the sector.

To avoid any potential confusion, you should not use any of their trademarked hashtags. If they are in a different place than you and aren’t direct rivals, you should instead utilise their hashtags as inspiration. Examine the hashtags your rivals are using to get an indication of the kinds of content they’re sharing.

But, your hashtags are still another opportunity to stand out. Take a look at their trending hashtags and think of ways you may reframe them so that they apply to you better. If you’re at a loss, investigate the most popular hashtags being used by the industry as a whole to get some ideas.

Recommended procedures for using hashtags on Instagram

So now that you know what hashtags to look up and utilise, let’s quickly go over some basic best practises to make sure you’re making the most of your hashtags.

  • Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags, all of which should be used. We just covered six distinct hashtags to investigate and employ; pick a couple from each to build your own unique blend.
  • Do not use the same string of hashtags over and over again. Use a variety of hashtags, and make sure that some of them are very specific to the content of the shot.
  • You can put your hashtags in the first remark instead of the caption. Actually, you can store them in the comment, and many Instagram scheduling programmes will publish them for you as well.
  • It may take some experimentation to locate the right hashtags to use, but you will get there. Save these for later reference. You may create lists on your phone to keep track of the hashtags you use most often.

In conclusion

You should expect a rise in interaction and exposure after you incorporate hashtags into your Instagram approach. Make sure your hashtags aren’t being “shadowbanned” (search for them and check if a notification pops up stating “these posts won’t be visible”), and then have fun experimenting to find out which tags are most effective for your target demographic.