Measuring The Success Of Instagram Hashtags

Like fish and chips, Starsky and Hutch, or tequila and wise choices, hashtags and an Instagram post go hand in hand. They are an essential component of your overall marketing strategy. This is because adding them will help your account to expand.

You can keep tabs on Instagram hashtags manually, but using a hashtag analytics tool is far more efficient. You can post more material that your target audience will engage with with the aid of a specialised tool that monitors hashtag usage, finds the most popular hashtags in your business, and displays this information to you. You can really step up your social media game if you learn how to utilise hashtags effectively.


Hashtags in social media posts tend to increase interaction with your content. A study by Simply Measured concluded that it represents an increase of 12.6%.

One of your Instagram KPIs should be social media engagement, since it demonstrates how well your material is received by your audience. Managers of Instagram and other social media platforms measure engagement by the number of likes, comments, and shares a post or account receives.

Furthermore, if material is well-received, Instagram will prioritise it in the Explore and search feeds.


Hashtags are used to organise and find information on social media platforms. Whether you’re looking to reach influencers, brand ambassadors, or new consumers, using the appropriate quantity of relevant hashtags in your Instagram photos is the surest way to accomplish so.

Public perception of a brand

The greater the audience size, the greater the brand recognition.

Your brand’s image and online reputation will benefit from your efforts to create custom hashtags for use on Instagram posts, marketing campaigns, and other material. They make you more memorable to your audience and aid in building your credibility as an authority in your field.

Data gathered from customers

You may learn more about your intended audience by monitoring the hashtags they use.

You may learn things like who they are, how they interact with your product, and what issues and goals they have. In other words, it’s a treasure trove of useful information for running a company.

For what reasons are Instagram hashtag analytics useful?

Keep in mind that most businesses do not see the value in measuring the impact of their social media efforts.

The good news is that Instagram makes it simple and easy to assess the success of your hashtags by allowing you to keep tabs on a few key parameters.

First, the amount of mentions

The number of mentions is the first step in Instagram hashtag analytics.

It’s the bare minimum for measuring anything. Keeping tabs on it over a set amount of time is useful.

You can see what I gathered in July regarding the #TdF2017 Tour de France hashtag up there. The green line depicts the social media reach they created, while the blue line shows the total number of mentions.

There is no better barometer of your hashtag’s success than the sheer number of mentions it receives. The number of mentions of your brand, event, or advertising initiative may be tracked.

Whether the total number of mentions increases, declines, or remains stable, knowing this information is crucial. This sum will be updated everyday by hashtag monitoring apps.

Second, the impact of social media

The popularity of particular hashtags on Instagram is another crucial measure you may observe.

The social media reach is the potential amount of people who will see your hashtag while browsing social media. An individual’s algorithmic standing is calculated by the quantity of their followers. That my Instagram followers will be exposed to your hashtag if I upload a post using it. That’s how they contribute to the total impact of your hashtag on social media.

Tracking the reach and popularity of your Instagram hashtags is now easier than ever with the help of analytics.

Discover your engagement rate by comparing your social media reach and engagement figures.

By dividing the total number of interactions (likes, comments, etc.) by the total number of impressions your hashtag receives, you may determine the level of participation. The share of your audience that interacted with your hashtagged material is displayed here.

Interaction 3. Participation

When discussing Instagram hashtag metrics, engagement is a must.

The level of interaction with posts that include your hashtag is an indication of its popularity. The total amount of likes and comments is included.

Your hashtagged content’s success in reaching your intended audience may be gauged using this statistic.

Instagram users are more likely to interact with posts that include hot hashtags. If you want more followers on Instagram, check out this video for some helpful hints on how to do so:


Instagram’s hashtags may also be monitored by looking at their Influence.

It’s murky in tone, but it’s quantifiable.

On Brand24, influence is calculated using an algorithm that takes into account both the number of followers and engagement indicators such as comments and likes. Each Instagram user who mentions your hashtag is assigned an Influencer Score based on these factors.

You may use this information to determine who wrote the most significant works.

By analysing the profiles of Instagram users who have used your hashtag, you may find potential brand advocates who would be willing to spread the word about your business and its wares. That will allow you to reach their target market.

Most prolific writers on social media

Analyzing the most popular hashtags on Instagram requires following the most prolific users.

For instance, this measure might reveal the most prolific Instagram profiles that have shared your hashtag.

One more strategy for finding people with significant followings on social media to promote your business.