Since Instagram was launched in 2010, it has taken the world by storm. Everyone likes this platform. You may also have seen the increased presence of the brands and products on the platform. But is Instagram worth their money and time, and should your brands and business, and products be on the platform? The answer is Yes. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Instagram sees more than 1 billion monthly active users and more than 500 million Instagram Stories daily.
  2. In the U.S.there are 130 Million users on Instagram. 
  3. Behind Facebook, the second most accessed network in the world is Instagram. Per day average of 53 minutes, users browse on Instagram.
  4. At least 25 million businesses’ profiles are there on Instagram.
  5. Almost ninety percent of users on Instagram at least follow one business account. And eighty-three percent of Instagram users say that the application has helped them find new services and new products.

It is now clear that this social media platform is not only for personal use. Now Instagram is a global platform that allows the business and brands to inspire their audience, products showcasing, new talent recruiting, and humanizing their content. Moreover, Instagram users are not only active but also are engaged. Sixty percent of the active users on Instagram visit the platform daily. And nearly 21 percent of the users say that they check the platform every week. This social media platform helps people grow their products and services and increases the awareness of the brand, product, and business. Eighty percent of the users on Instagram have bought something based on what they have discovered on the application. This platform lets people authentically promote their products and brands and are friendly without hard selling.


You have to post content regularly because it is the most important thing. The most excellent way to keep your audiences and followers is to keep your profile on Instagram up to date. First, you have to download the application if you do not already have one. You can download it from both Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can view the posts and videos on Instagram, but the only drawback is that you cannot upload videos or photos. So you have to download the application. 


When you open the social media application Instagram, you will have two types of choices to create your new Instagram account. The two types of options are using Facebook login, or otherwise, you can use email or phone number for sign up. Ensure that you are signed up using the business email to not link your Instagram account with your Facebook account. Then you have to enter your details for the account. You have to enter your actual name of business under Full Name so that your profile on Instagram will be easily visible to visitors. This is the name of what is displayed on your Instagram profile. 


Now that you have created an account on Instagram and optimized your account on Instagram, it is the right time to post great content on Instagram. This social media platform lets you post various content types, including Stories, Videos, and Photos. 


One of the most common types of posts on Instagram is Images. When posting image content on Instagram, share a variety of photos with your audiences. Buy automatic Instagram likes monthly to get more likes for your images.