How Could Instagram Reels Embrace B2B & B2C

Instagram’s parent company Facebook tried to purchase the platform but failed. Instead China owned it and renamed it “TikTok.” After a few years, Instagram recently updated the new feature “IG Reels, ” similar to TikTok. Reels are just 15 seconds video format content, and it allows you to create and share the video with others. Here you know tips & hacks to promote your product or services.

How To Use IG Reels For Business?

Brands should jump on the huge opportunity to use Reels and engage more followers quickly. Here are tips for using Reels for B2B & B2C businesses.

Reuse TikTok Content

If you have your brand related TikTok videos and these videos engaging more people, then pick the videos to upload IG Reels. TikTok also allows users to cross-post content and share their videos on Instagram directly. This thing enables you to promote your channel on both social media networks.Repurposing TikTok content really increases your Reels engagement rate, gains more visibility and promotes your brand online.

Your videos should be short and easy to attract new audiences for your business. Using eye catching AR effects and background audio can multiply Instagram Reels comments for your videos. Having a good number of comments for your social media content helps attracts more to watch your videos amplifying content visibility and profile growth.

Highlight Your Brand

Using Instagram Reels to highlight your product and then increase your brand awareness on Instagram. Sharing the best moments of your day at the office, showcase how to use your product and your product’s benefits. 

Suppose you’re selling beauty products. You can showcase how to use and product reviews from your customers. This thing helps gain trustworthiness, be authentic to the customers and also make new followers feel safe and comfortable with your products. After, they make the buying decision of your product. 

Share Educational Content

The great idea to gain more new followers is to provide some educational content for the target audiences and improve their personality by developing a new skill with quick content. These things could let the audiences make purchasing decisions about your product.

For example, you can share a few ingredients with a few steps for delicious food by showing a cooking approach or record behind the scenes the process of manufacturing your product. Moreover, these things improve your product’s authentic look, which is essential to promote your product.

The Takeaway

Instagram Reels is an excellent opportunity to extend your business worldwide. You could see your content on the explore page, which is very important why marketers should embrace Reels for their marketing on social media. You could let your video in front of the audiences who don’t follow your profile using hashtags on your Reels. Consider using editing features to change your video appearance and make the audience watch your video entirely.