Instagram Highlight Reel Templates: Simplify the Highlight Reel Making Process

Instagram Reels, introduced in 2020, was Meta’s response to the viral success of TikTok. Today, Reels are more powerful than ever before.

Yes, it’s true. Spin the reels and you could become hooked. You can’t help but click on the next video after the last one ends. Instagram Reels templates are a great way for businesses to save time while producing high-quality Reels material that will appeal to this year’s audience.

But why should you even bother with these examples?

The production time for Reels is cut significantly with the use of these layouts. It is unnecessary to choose music and adjust clips to fit the music while using these templates. As a result, you may submit more of these short movies to the site without spending as much effort on their production.

In this article, we will discuss what Instagram Reels templates are, why you should use them, and how to use them into your company.

Why Use a Pre-Made Instagram Reel?

Latest social media figures show that two billion people use Reels every month. These shorter films generate 22% more comments than longer videos do.

These statistics add up to one conclusion: if you aren’t currently using Reels, you should start.

The time commitment required to create a Reel is to be expected. Because of this, many companies and brands are reluctant to develop them further.

Instagram Reels templates are a great method for users to produce professional-looking videos quickly and easily. To make it simpler to get on the bandwagon, the site provides these templates, which include pre-set clip lengths and music options from current Reels.

Simplify your Instagram marketing strategy with our Instagram Reels templates and start posting professional-quality videos in no time.

In addition, employing these templates will let you to concentrate on recording the best moments and less on difficult editing methods.

Templates for Instagram Reels: How to Use Them?

1. Obtain a Sample

Two methods exist for locating suitable examples:

To access the Templates panel, choose Reels, then click the camera symbol in the upper right corner.
Access a Reel in your feed and locate the option to Use Template. The Instagram account name is just next to this button. A Reel with at least three clips and music can be used as a template.

Insert Media into the Blank Document

Select a template you like, and then select Use This Template. The screen that loads allows you to import media from your device’s gallery. To insert media, select Add Media or use the available cubes.

Insert Text and Save

Here is where you can put your artistic flair to use by customising your Reels with stickers, text, sketches, or filters. If you’re done, you may move on by selecting Next.

    Instagram Highlight Films at No Cost

    To help you stand out and receive more views, we’re throwing up several free Instagram Reels designs.

    Instagram’s 5 Most Popular Reel Layouts
    Discussing the five most popular Instagram Reels designs (all of them are included in our bundle):

    1. Trailers for upcoming series

    Expanding your current selection with an innovative new item? You need to do extensive advertising for an event like that. To spread the word about its impending arrival, you may use the Instagram announcement template we’ve given or one of your own choosing.

    There are a lot of people who keep tabs on their favourite companies just in case they release any new products. Don’t keep them waiting; instead, show them what’s possible with a Reel.

      2. Clips that Include Quotations

      The tone of the day may be completely changed by seeing an encouraging statement on our feed. Without a doubt, we can all agree on this: we enjoy reading quotations because of the way they may provoke thought.

      If you’re ever at a loss for what to include in your Reels, the safe bet is to pair an inspirational statement with a relevant clip. You won’t be here for very long, that’s for sure. You may speed up the process of making a Reel like this by using our available template.

      3. Sales Announcement Reels

      Why make a whole Reel only to promote a sale? For starters, it gives your supporters the impression that they are part of an exclusive group.

      Don’t waste time drafting up your selling notice. Use a model as a starting point for your video. Include the name of the deal (if any), wording that clearly states the amount of the discount, and the duration of the promotion. Include details about which collections are included in the discount.

      4. Tip-Offering Reels

      You have something of great value to impart to your listeners since you are an expert in your industry.

      Create a series of Reels for your fans and followers filled with helpful advice with the aid of our premade templates. This will lend credibility to your business and entice new clients to work with you. Get the ball rolling on producing useful content immediately to leave a long-lasting impact on your readers.

      5. Conference-announcing reels

      If you want people to pay attention during your conference, make sure you have a Reel that will stop their thumbs.

      Make sure to include all the pertinent information about the conference in large, easily readable type so that your readers won’t miss a thing. In addition, the Reel might benefit from the addition of stirring music to heighten the audience’s anticipation.