How Marketers Can Use Instagram Story For Influencer Marketing: 4 Winning Ways

Instagram story is an excellent feature on Instagram, it’s especially apt for the people who want to spend less time on social media but want to get aware of current updates. That’s why marketers and brands are more interested in using Instagram story as part of their marketing strategies. 

Try to use this feature to make use of influencer marketing, effectively for your business. 

In this article, let us discuss some excellent ways to grab this feature for influencer marketing. 

Create Polls & Quizzes 

Generally, people use polls or quiz stickers to ask questions,to gain valuable insights for your audience. In this case, you can link influencer marketing by having an influencer to create polls related to your business or brands.  

Influencers can come up with asking what the audience’s favorite products are. Next, they can host a giveaway or share a discount code for that particular product.

Like polls, influencers also create a quiz that must be related to your brand or product. Do this not only generate engagement to them but also they are introducing your brand to them. 

Organize Q&A Session 

You can organize your Q&A session on Instagram storyboards through posting videos or via live videos. First, you need to pick the right influencers in your niche and invite them to your Q&A sessions. Once they accept your proposal, arrange a Q&A session to talk about trending, facts about your industry, marketing tips, and more. On the other hand, you can ask personal questions with them. This will drive more engagement to your story; you can expect lots of new audiences. If you are trying to maximize your engagement, then buy Instagram story views to gain audience attention. Moreover, you can achieve more visibility for your content. 

You can also choose a live option to host a Q & A session, where people can ask questions directly to your influencers. Believe me; this will bring more attention; thereby, you can gain more exposure to your business account. When you go for a live option, you have another chance to use that content in your storyboard. So don’t forget to record your live video.

Using tools, you can find the right influencer for your business. While choosing influencers, ensure they are having enough engagement rate, followers rate. 

Make Use Of Countdown Stickers

Countdown features are one of the attention generating ones; this feature will start a live countdown; at the end, you can schedule your event. 

You can grab this feature for launching new products or giving new updates to your brand. This will create hype and generate excitement about your new launch before it is released completely. 

You can ask your influencer to start the countdown on their Instagram story to promote the event. This will make your events a grand success and gain more visibility for your new products or brands. 

Ask Your Influencer To TakeOver Your Account

If you connect with your influencer more closely, you can ask them to take over your Instagram account. It will give more reach and help to popular accounts.

You have a few influencers or brand ambassadors, whom you collaborate often. You can pick those influencers to take over your Instagram account. Allow them to take over your account and talk directly with your audience. This will increase your engagement and give more exposure to your brand. 

Winding Up

Instagram story is the perfect platform to promote your business engagingly. Here, you can share all kinds of information like a product launch, announce events, boost sales, and much more. If you link your influencer marketing on the Instagram story, you can still gain better results.