How To Spice Up Your Instagram Story Background In 8 different ways

Your Instagram feed is undoubtedly overrun with Reels videos. Users are becoming weary of Instagram’s current feed algorithm, but thankfully Instagram Stories has been undisturbed up to this point.

Instagram Stories continues to attract 500 million daily users despite competition from other Instagram features and creative platforms. Here are some helpful hints and unique approaches to using your Instagram Story backdrop to draw in more viewers.

How to Put Together an Eye-Catching Instagram Story Background

Use the Undo button all you want!

The rubber tool trick is a great way to reach your audience or switch things up temporarily. You may use the camera or your gallery like normal, then use the drawing tool or colour picker to alter the colour of the backdrop.

One approach to make a backdrop that stands out is to use the rubber tool. As an added bonus, it works wonderfully for announcements of new products or for building anticipation for forthcoming material or events.

Additional picture editing tools, such as this backdrop remover from Icons8, may be used to delete any section of an image with clean edges. Having your image’s backdrop removed is as easy as uploading it and pasting the finished product onto your Instagram story artboard.

Stick to pre-made stickers and animated GIFs while decorating.

Sticker tool allows you to add numerous GIFs or stickers to your backdrop, but turning your full Instagram Story background to a GIF only allows you to pick one.

You may find a wide variety of options to customise your backdrop by browsing the GIPHY sticker collection. Multiple GIFs can be stacked, rotated, or enlarged to fill the full display.

But surely everyone has moved on from Instagram Stories by now.

Instagram Stories has been one of the app’s most popular features for a long time since it first debuted. Instagram Stories have become a safe and familiar haven as users learn to explore the platform’s fresh new features.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Instagram Stories are worth your time, consider the following.

It’s Your Chance to Express Your True Self

Instagram Stories is so much more than a dumping ground for stuff that wasn’t good enough for the main feed. Even though it’s assumed that your articles are unimportant fluff, you could come across something worth keeping in Highlights.

Your Instagram feed provides a high-level overview of who you are and what you do, while your Instagram Story provides a deeper, more personal look into your life and work.

It’s less difficult to grasp the algorithm behind Instagram Stories.

You will understand if you have recently used Instagram. Even if people are already following you, there is no way to guarantee that your content will appear in their stream. Even if the algorithm is reset to give priority to friends and family, though, it’s still unclear whether or not you’ll actually appear up.

Fortunately, Instagram Stories increases your visibility. If someone is following you, they will always see your most recent Story at the top of their feeds. Even if you aren’t the first, at least you’ll stand out.

Finally, a link that actually works!

Instagram Stories’ handy swipe-up function requires either verification or 10,000 followers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get around it!

Instagram Stories’ sticker feature makes it easy for anybody to add a link to a post, unlike the feed, which does not permit posting clickable links on captions. In this way:

  • Gather and submit material for your Instagram Tale.
  • Select the sticker option from the menu at the top of your screen.
  • Pick the one that says “Link”
  • Paste the url and hit the finish button.
  • Stick the Link icon anywhere on your display.

You’re free to adjust the size and position of a link in your story after you’ve included it.

If you want to see how much traffic is coming from Instagram Stories, it’s a good idea to add a trackable link.

To get past Instagram’s one-link-per-bio policy, just add a clickable Link sticker to your Instagram Story. Your Instagram Story content may now effortlessly link to designated landing sites.

It’s a Great Way to Engage Your Viewers

Instagram Story is one of the few social media platforms that has made it simple to communicate with a large audience. Only through private messages or comments could you engage with your audience before the advent of interactive stickers. A lot of information about your followers is now accessible with a simple swipe.

Prepare to Innovate

Instagram Stories backgrounds aren’t the focus of your posts, but they may help you stand out and engage your audience. Try out a variety of formats until you find the winners and stick with those.