Instagram Tips for a Healthier Client Experience

Over time, a growing number of businesses began offering their wares on Instagram.
Understanding how to acquire new customers in today’s competitive market requires an ability to put oneself in the shoes of your target demographic.

In the last article, we spoke about simple ways to enhance the first Instagram consumer journey. As consumers get familiar with your company, you’ve made it to the consideration stage.
If there is a market for your goods, that’s fantastic. That would be fantastic if your Instagram followers really bought it.
Yet, acquiring new customers isn’t the only way to increase sales. If you want repeat business from your purchasers, you need to continue to offer them with a satisfying shopping experience long after they’ve paid for their goods or services.

Now comes the hard part: ensuring that your followers really buy, like using, and return for more of what you’re selling.

When a follower is ready to buy, you may enhance their customer journey by doing the following:


The acquisition phase starts when your followers are prepared to make a purchase. No matter how many goods a customer selects and places in their shopping cart, that information is useless until they actually pay for them.
Instagram users may be able to make in-app purchases, but they are more likely to browse without really buying anything. The survey from Barilliance found that 85.6% of mobile shoppers leave their carts.
Consumers have many options to choose from, and they want companies to attend to their needs at every point in the buying process. Even if you have the top product in your market, you won’t see any sales unless you optimise your Instagram account for online sales.
Making sure consumers have adequate information about your goods will boost customer satisfaction and encourage you to make a sale.

Simplify the purchasing procedure

As it’s common knowledge that customers prefer to shop on mobile platforms, Instagram is constantly adding new e-commerce tools for sellers and buyers alike.

In addition, research shows that the percentage of customers that make a purchase directly correlates to how simple the checkout procedure is: 84% of individuals have made an impulse buy before. Essentially, marketers need to make it easy for consumers to buy their products without devoting too much time to the process.
Brands now have the option of including shoppable tags or shoppable links on Instagram, making it simpler to run an e-commerce company by giving followers more information about the products they’re interested in.
A potential buyer may check out the item’s description, find out how much it costs, and make the acquisition all without leaving the app.

Customers will make purchases more rapidly if they have access to more information. The end result is increased profits for your business.

Following these steps can help you transform your Instagram account into a moneymaking powerhouse.

Advertise your goods and provide helpful subtitles.
Implement clickable tags
Use Instagram Stories to advertise your wares
Increase the amount of detail you can (the description, material, price, etc.)
At the purchase phase, your fans and customers really buy stuff from you. If you want to boost sales, it’s important to provide buyers all the facts they need about your products without making them spend too much time doing so.


It’s crucial to have customer service because no matter how great your product is, people will always have questions.

Just because your fans have purchased something doesn’t imply they have any idea how to put it to use. It’s crucial to offer first-rate assistance to consumers whenever they need it.
Why? It’s not enough to focus on customer retention; you also need to focus on attracting new business.
It’s no surprise that 77% of consumers who had a good experience will refer the firm to a friend.

Maintain a high standard of client service

Increasing numbers of clients are reportedly making contact via social media. It’s no surprise that by 2020, it’s expected that 90% of businesses will utilise social media for customer assistance, given the rising number of individuals who want to interact with brands online.
Delivering first-rate assistance to customers is essential if you don’t want to lag behind the competition. One of the best ways to keep consumers happy is to respond to their inquiries and think forward to any follow-up questions they might have once they’ve read your response.

In order to provide excellent customer service on Instagram, you must be able to respond quickly and effectively to questions and concerns raised by your followers in-app, whether they be submitted via direct message or posted as comments.

Here’s how to offer prompt assistance to your followers:

  • Check your push notifications to learn who is trying to DM you.
  • Be ready with your repertoire of one-liners
  • Keep tabs on how your brand is being discussed
  • Respond to every feedback.

They will never forget you if you take the time to respond to their inquiries and address their concerns.
When considering whether or not to do business with your company, current and future customers will place a high value on the quality of the customer service they receive.


It’s fantastic to attract new customers, but it’s even better to keep the ones you already have coming back for more. To put it another way, you need to convince potential new customers to become regular ones.
Repeat customers account for 40% of a store’s income, and they spend 33% more than new customers do, but it costs a firm 5-25 times as much to acquire a customer as it does to sell to an existing one.
So, what’s the deal? Brand loyalty and customer retention are essential to your business’s bottom line.
Make sure your clients are happy with their purchase once they have tried out your product. Furthermore, customer appreciation is a tried and true method for building brand loyalty. After all, repeat customers are the best source of new business and word-of-mouth advertising.