Imaginative Videos for Your Instagram Profile

After regular photos, videos on Instagram account for 18% of all posts. Those that take their Instagram account seriously, whether it’s an online store or a personal journal, should not dismiss this style of material. Here are some suggestions for videos that might go in well with your Instagram strategy.

Before and after

These films are frequently produced by companies in situations when it is simple to predict the end outcome and make a direct comparison to the beginning. Eyelash extensions, brow waxing, and other beauty-related services are included in this category. Images are commonly used to demonstrate “before” and “after,” but that doesn’t mean a video collage can’t be created instead.

Case studies and feedback

Social evidence in the form of video reviews is unrivalled. While written reviews are easy to fake, video testimonials are more credible. The more of these types of films you have on your company’s page, the more credible you will appear to potential clients. Such videos might be filed away in highlights for easy access by your clientele.

You may demonstrate your product’s value by compiling customer testimonials. These kinds of case studies are another persuasive testimony option.

How To

There’s no guarantee that your consumers are as well-versed in your offering as you believe they are. It’s always a good idea to show customers how other parts of your product may be used, as not all of the features or potential uses will be immediately clear to casual consumers. People may learn more about your product and find insights they hadn’t previously considered with the aid of step-by-step lessons. Software, cosmetics, food (recipes), and other consumables all benefit greatly from demonstration movies.


One may find helpful “hacks” for just about any service or product. Whenever you’re prepared to provide such value with your customers, you may use films to demonstrate your devotion to them. If you own a digital marketing firm, for instance, you may advise your customers on how to improve the lead generation and conversion rates. Those who work in the beauty industry may have some useful advice for those looking to hide flaws through cosmetic surgery. Likewise, if you run a chain of coffee shops, tell your customers what you put in your coffee to make it work faster in the morning.


Put your effort where your mouth is. Avoid disclosing confidential business information by showing the process you use to create a finished good. Time-lapse photography is an option. Makeup artists and cosmetics companies often feature the tools and materials used to achieve a certain look. Services such as consulting can also be demonstrated in this way by showcasing a sample of your advice on a certain issue or demonstrating your pre-work rituals.

Presentations and critiques of products

Yet, unless you get the word out, no one except you will realise how important and helpful your products and services actually are. Create and share your own product reviews, and by all means, post reviews written by your customers with their names attached. This is a great way to encourage brand loyalty among current and prospective consumers and produce content from those customers. Customers of software development firms, beauty and dining establishments, and eateries and consulting firms are more likely to provide feedback.


It may be an employee, a regular customer, a well-known expert in your field, or even the CEO of your company being interviewed. Expertise in your field may be fostered while spreading the word about your company and its wares.


Video recordings that consist only of questions and answers; they are comparable to interviews but more narrow in scope. Identify and address the concerns of your customers most often. The video should be included to highlights so that viewers can view it whenever they like.


Instagram Q&As often take place in real time, allowing the host to respond to comments and questions from followers as they come in. While these forms are well-received by audiences, they are frequently ignored during live webinars due to inadequate promotion. Get the word out to your followers that you’ll be doing a live session on a certain day by sharing this information many times in a post and a Story.

Marketing films

It’s common practise for well-known companies to promote themselves using short promotional videos that highlight the company’s principles and ethos. Obviously, a storyline, performers, the full camera team, and equipment are required to produce a video of this calibre. We can also acquire high-resolution movies on modern cellphones, so you’ll need to work on the script and cast appropriately. Instead, animated marketing videos may be created fully in CGI. This, however, is the ultimate advancement for your company’s brand.


Very labor-intensive and time-consuming videos to produce, as they need extensive research into the subject area before filming begins. Videos based on research findings you’ve uncovered on your own are a great method to build credibility as an expert in your field and spread the word about your company to a global audience. Journalists and specialised analysts have a special fondness for statistics; nevertheless, if your final objective is more pedestrian, you may still uncover relevant research by others and provide them to your audience in the form of a film. That “he” is the author, obviously.


On Instagram, a structure similar to the classic vine is really rather modern. Like moving memes, Vines highlight social faux pas in areas such as business, relationships, emotions, and more. Business-related vines might depict the anxieties and challenges faced by your consumers or provide a humorous take on common workplace issues. A product mention in a Vine can quickly spread to a wide audience.