Here Are Four Considerations Before You Start Sharing Memes Online.

Brands may benefit from memes if they follow the basic guidelines for using them effectively.

If you try to employ a meme but fail, you risk coming out as insensitive at best, and dumb and out of touch at worst.

This tutorial will help you master marketing with memes, whether you’re a total meme newbie or you’re wanting to turn your meme expertise into a profitable side hustle.

Memes’ inherent vitality and broad appeal come from their basic form and comedy. You wouldn’t be the first person to consider utilising memes to promote awareness of their firm on social media.

Brands are eager to cash in on the pervasiveness and appeal of memes as their popularity rises.

Think Like Your Readers

The first step in successful social media marketing is determining whether or not using memes would appeal to your target demographic. Figure out who your brand’s loyalists are and what interests them. Do you think they would appreciate a meme or be confused by it?

You may learn a lot about your social media audience and their expectations based on your brand’s personality. To illustrate, memes are a safe option if you represent a well-known business that is popular among millennials. But, a meme may go unnoticed if you’re going for a more sophisticated, high-minded vibe.

Because the image, the contest, and the question Club Orange is asking to engage their fans are all unrelated, this usage of meme falls flat.

Make your Facebook page’s memes more engaging by following these steps.

Create in-depth “buyer personas” for the primary subsets of your target demographic. Knowing whether or not a certain meme will resonate with your audience is considerably simpler if you have a solid mental picture of that audience.
Attempt it on a small scale first: Try implementing a meme using a sample size of your audience and see what happens. If you have a hunch about which population you think could be especially (un)responsive to memes, you can utilise Facebook’s targeting features to test your theory.

Maintain a Proper Tone

Brands’ voice and tone on social media are crucial to their success, and this includes the usage of memes. To maintain your brand’s uniqueness, your voice and tone must remain constant.

Memes may seem like a simple addition to the content strategy of certain companies. When it comes to more sober or professional companies, though, striking the correct tone might be the difference between a viral sensation and a catastrophic bust.

Master the Art of Humorous Expression

As comedy is the backbone of any meme, it’s crucial to know how much to incorporate into a branded meme. Employing comedy is a foolproof method of humanising your business and striking an emotional chord with your target market.

It goes without saying that making fun of your consumers is a bad idea, but as one of the cases below shows, making fun of your brand might have the opposite effect.

Incorporate Your Logo into a Meme

Companies may strive to break away from the standard clich├ęs by developing their own memes that put their product or service in the spotlight. Not everyone who gets the good fortune to be the subject of a meme has the guts to fully exploit their moment in the spotlight.

Brand awareness can increase if a meme involving your company goes viral.