What Is The Optimal Time To Post On Instagram?

Instagram has over 1.4 billion monthly users, making it difficult to determine the optimal time to post.

You want as many people as possible to view your ads as soon as possible whether you’re selling something or promoting a service.

Facebook found that 83% of users who were looking for a product or service ended up finding it on Instagram. They use it to learn about different brands (81%), and to decide what to buy (80%).

In 2018, Instagram made changes to give users more say over what they saw in their feeds and to make sure they always saw posts as soon as they were published.

About a year later, Instagram released an upgrade with even more enhancements, including the introduction of an algorithm to personalise the content you see on the service.

Instagram’s Recommended Posting Times

Meta, previously Facebook, who also owns Instagram, has its own rules on when posts may be made.

You may get information on the optimal posting times, based on your data, on their best practises for engagement website.

They provide a helpful tutorial on when and how often you should post to your timeline.

Time of Day/Weekday

Researchers have shown that people’s levels of interest and productivity change over the week. There are peak moments of activity at specific times of day.

Instagram users should consider posting first thing in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Rest Periods

According to the data, lunchtime Instagram use is also rather common.

Users logged in during the midday hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Therefore, one of the ideal times to post on Instagram is around the weekday lunch hour.

Similarly, post-lunch fatigue might make people more interested in scrolling through their Instagram feeds.


Without knowing who you’re posting for, all the data in the world won’t help you find the sweet spot for Instagram posts.

It’s possible that your target demographic differs significantly from that of the research’ participants.

Different peak moments will emerge during the day depending on many things, including employment, education, income, and age.


How frequently should you update your Instagram?

Instagram’s many modes of interaction are only one example of how the platform has evolved.

Instagram simply requires two or three posts every week, and no more than one per day.

Instagram Stories is the way to go if you want to post more often throughout the day.

Stories are a great way to keep your audience engaged in between posts, even if you want to provide something less substantial.

Zones of Time

Instagram posts should be made at times when viewers are most likely to see them.

Likewise, time zones must be taken into account if your target audience spans a large geographic area.

To accommodate users in different time zones, social media marketing solutions might be helpful.

Posting on Instagram when your target demographic is most likely to be online across all time zones should be your first priority.

Instagrammers Advise You Post

Several groups have researched the optimal Instagram posting timings. While the outcomes varied, there were some striking parallels.

CoSchedule analysed and analysed information from 25 separate research. They discovered that before work, at lunch, and after work are the optimal periods for Instagram posts.
If you schedule your posts for when people are wrapping up their day, you have a better chance of being seen. According to the data, Instagram posts perform best on Fridays.

Our Investigations Reveal Instagram’s Sweet Spot

Our social media specialists advise using the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. PDT for Instagram updates.

My Instagram account caters to digital marketers, thus most of my followers work in marketing or operate their own businesses.

That’s why we schedule our updates during our lunch breaks whenever possible.

I still update my Stories throughout the day, although my big updates occur mostly on weekdays, usually around noon.

Publish Freebie and Prize Drawings

Contests and freebies are another approach to increase participation. Especially if the reward you’re offering is substantial, they can boost participation rates.

Use Vyper to design Instagram contests that people can’t wait to enter. When you’ve amassed a sizable number of followers who take part in your competitions on a regular basis, you can use Vyper to create individualised loyalty incentive programmes for them.

You may encourage brand loyalty among your audience by offering discounts or freebies to those who take part in your contests and programmes.

Put in Hashtags

Hashtags may be used in conjunction with careful timing of your posts to maximise exposure and interaction.

Increase your exposure by using a combination of community hashtags, branding hashtags, and product hashtags.

To discover trending hashtags related to your brand, use a hashtag research tool like HashtagForLikes.

You can boost the exposure and interaction with your posts by using these hashtags.

Use Content Created By Your Audience

Using user-created material is another great way to get fresh ideas for your Instagram account. Consumers are more likely to trust UGC (60%) than they are to trust material produced by companies (20%).

By giving your fans a shout-out on your Instagram account, you might inspire them to use your hashtags in their own posts.