10 Effective Strategies To Boost Engagement On Instagram

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to create a stunning Instagram feed. You’ve seen an increase in your Instagram’s follower count and are hopeful that it will aid in your business’s growth. But how can you maintain your audience’s interest in subsequent posts?

Developing an effective method of interaction is crucial. And that calls for adapting to new circumstances and making use of successful techniques. Here are 15 tried-and-true methods for boosting Instagram engagement that will continue to bring in new followers long after 2021 has passed.

Understanding Instagram’s Reaction Rate

Instagram engagement is a fluid and multifaceted collection of interactions. Your target audience can interact with you in a variety of ways. The most important aspects of Instagram engagement are discussed here.

• Likes                    

• Follows

• Mentions

• Profile visits

• Link clicks

• Comments

• Shares

• Saves

Likes are probably not new to you. However, this is the most elementary type of participation because it requires no special skills or preparation. “Comments” need more work and might reveal a great deal about your followers. The’save’ is Instagram’s highest level of interaction. One of the highest-quality encounters is when a reader saves a piece of your information for later use.

Find Out How Engaged Your Instagram Followers Are

When users interact with your Instagram post or profile, this is known as “engagement.” Having a sizable fan base is a fantastic accomplishment. But how engaged are your followers? Is it likely that your participation will lead to tangible outcomes like expansion, new understanding, or revenue? There may be an issue with engagement if you have a sizable following but little interactions in the form of likes, comments, shares, etc.

Disengagement issues can have far-reaching consequences. Instagram’s algorithms are continuously determining whether or not posts are relevant to one another. A downward spiral of poor interaction with your content might cause Instagram to give your posts less exposure. Since engagement ratings are a solid predictor of customers’ propensity to make purchases, this might weaken the impact of your Instagram approach.

Just How Crucial It Is To Get People Involved

The level of work you put into your material may be gauged by looking at how engaged your audience is. Increased exposure on Instagram is directly proportional to the amount of engagement a post receives. Your content marketing efforts and financial investment should provide positive outcomes. Your ultimate goal is to increase business, brand recognition, or customer interest. When you know how engaged your audience is, you may make adjustments where they are needed to keep the platform valuable.

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 10 Easy Steps

With all this focus on percentages and computations, you may be scratching your head about how to increase Instagram likes and comments. Here are 15 ways to boost your Instagram engagement with the help of various technologies.

Experiment with various forms of content by learning how your audience reacts to various pieces of information. Experiment with different kinds of material and how to show it in Instagram’s various formats.

Don’t waste any resource

Instagram offers a wide variety of content formats, such as grid posts, videos, Reels, Stories, Lives, and IGTV. When you make full use of Instagram, the app’s algorithm rewards you. You should use as many of the forms as possible to maximise interaction and exposure.

Take use of dynamic elements

The Instagram interaction tools Stickers are a great method to encourage engagement with your content among your audience. Use them to participate in a poll, take a quiz, and start a dialogue that leads to more participation.

Put your own stamp on your writing

What makes this article something that only YOU could write? Your story, product, service, brand, and so much more is unlike anybody else’s, and that makes it an appealing focal point for your content.

Have a contest or give away free stuff

It’s thrilling and entertaining to try our luck in a raffle or contest. Opportunities to encourage audience participation through mandatory sharing of information, tags, and following in exchange for prizes.

Use an engaging hook to draw in readers

You should cut to the chase quickly after introducing your Reel’s premise. Use a flashing effect, a unique sticker, or a captivating opening statement to grab attention.

Focus on the first preview image

The cover image you use for your Reels profile is your first opportunity to hook viewers. You may take a still shot from the video, or you can submit your own image.


You can increase engagement with a CTA included in your Instagram Reels, Stories, or Posts. Try out different approaches with the Question Sticker to spark a discussion that leaves viewers wanting more.

Include hash tags in your Stories

Perhaps you always take the time to choose the perfect hashtags for your grid postings. However, you can also use this functionality as a Sticker to increase interaction with your Stories.

Create anticipation with a countdown sticker; they’re not only for New Year’s Eve anymore. They also work to generate excitement for the opening of a new business, event, service, or product. They also maintain visitors who want to see what all the fuss is about.

Make use of geotagged images

Using Stickers to indicate your location increases the possibility that your Story will appear in public feeds, which is especially useful when promoting an event or a physical place’s grand opening.

Encourage participation from others in Mentions

When done appropriately, mentioning another profile is a quick approach to attract new followers and increase interaction on Instagram. They may also be used in Reels and Stories, not simply in grid postings.