How To Create Winning Instagram Giveaway?

Free Stuff on Instagram. Everyone’s seen them appear on their Instagram feeds. We’ve even tried our hand at a couple of them. It turns out that the winner of a giveaway might reap benefits beyond just the item itself.

To increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, nothing beats a freebie gift. You may build your following, promote your blog or business, forge partnerships with other firms, and give back to your fans all with one easy yet well-planned giveaway.
If you take the time to plan out how your giveaway will contribute to your blog’s or company’s overarching goals, it can be a quick and painless procedure that yields positive results. Keep in mind that it will require some preparation to ensure the greatest potential success with any brand giveaway you may decide to host. The good news is that running a giveaway just requires six basic procedures.

Promoting Your Instagram Contest to Get More Entries

The first order of business is determining what that business objective is.
The next step, after opting to host a giveaway, is to identify your goals. Exciting giveaway campaigns are a great way to express gratitude to your audience and encourage them to take action. Just what is it that you’re hoping to accomplish with your company right now? Get more likes? Create a mailing list? Generate income? You may motivate people to take this activity by offering a freebie. The first step in creating the ideal promotional item for your company is figuring out what you hope to achieve.

The rules and procedures of your giveaway should be based on the outcomes you hope to achieve. Because of its widespread reach, social media is an ideal venue for contests and giveaways. With Instagram, you can easily tag and cooperate with other businesses to increase the reach and visibility of your giveaway campaign, as well as directly communicate with your audience through photographs and Instagram stories. Therefore, pick the medium that best serves your purpose and your target demographic.

Pick a reward

Use your imagination when thinking of a reward (or prizes) to give away. Select a topic that fits with your brand’s image while also appealing to your audience. Perhaps it’s one of your company offerings, registration to a major industry event, or perhaps a well-loved book. Think of a prize that would be both practical and exciting to receive, like you would any other present.

The options are practically limitless, but you shouldn’t go crazy with your spending. You should deliver something of value to your audience, but remember why you’re doing this in the first place. It’s fine if not everyone can be Oprah and give out expensive items to their whole fan base. You can have a successful giveaway without spending hundreds of dollars on a prize; all you need to do is offer something of value to your intended audience.

Consider partnering with complementary businesses when deciding on a promotional reward. If the business is willing to offer the goods you want to give away, not only may this reduce your costs, but it would also increase the number of individuals who would be eligible to win.

Identify your call to action

Is a like on an Instagram post all you need to enter the contest? To enter, simply tag a friend in the relevant comment area. To enter, simply click the link in my bio and enter my email address.

If you want to influence results, you need to define the action you want your audience to take, and that action needs to be straightforward, logical, and strategic. Keep in mind that no matter how great your reward is, nobody will bother entering if the process is too cumbersome. A simpler call to action will result in more clicks. DO NOT need an essay explaining why the winner should receive your product. Add something viral to your call to action instead. Encourage others to share your article, tag a friend, or use a custom hashtag by asking them to do so in the comments. All of these methods have the potential to raise awareness of your brand campaign and brand within your intended demographic.

Make the Rules Known

Be careful to explain to your followers why you’re running a contest or giveaway. Is there a special occasion being marked, or are you working with other companies on a joint marketing effort? Explain to your audience why they should care about your giveaway, what they can win, how long it will run, who can enter, and what they can do to increase their chances of winning. Remember this when you put your guidelines down on paper:

The timeframe of the gift should be as brief as possible. If you want to hold your audience’s attention and ride the thrill, make your promotion short (between 1 and 5 days).
You should factor in the price of international shipping if you want to send the reward to the winner outside of the country.

Tell others about the Contest

You must spread the word about your giveaway if you want people to participate.
Consider the freebie you’re handing out as a mini-ad for your company. Build up interest in your giveaway with some pre-giveaway advertising, and keep people updated with social media posts once it officially begins. Photograph the reward in high resolution and post it on social media using images that reflect the brand’s look. You can search for images of the reward on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest and then repost those images with proper attribution if you’d rather not take your own.